Eco+ Microwave Oven P90D23ATP-Q8

Eco+ Microwave Oven P90D23ATP-Q8

Eco+ Microwave Oven P90D23ATP-Q8
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Eco+ Microwave Oven P90D23ATP-Q8
Model No: P90D23ATP-Q8

Price: Tk 8700.00

Views: 1556 times.
Updated on: 2016-09-06
ID: 4473

Category: Microwave Oven
Brand: Eco+
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Product Description
Easy To Use Healthy & Tasty Cooking Solo Child Lock Digital Control Mode HIGHLIGHTS Type Solo Capacity (Litre) 23 Color Black Cavity Square Cavity System Auto Cook Yes (Jacket potato, Fresh vegetable & Frozen vegetable) Auto Defrost Yes (Meat, Poultry, Fish & Bread) Type of Control Touch Pad Digital Clock Yes GENERAL SPECIFICATION Microwave Frequency(MHz) 2450 Power Output 900 W Power Level 11 CONVENIENT FEATURES Turntable Diameter (mm) 270mm Cooking Completion Alarm Yes Door Push Button Control Mode Digital Warranty 1 Year SAFETY FEATURES Easy Clean Yes Child lock Yes PRODUCT DIMENTIONS (W*H*D) mm 340*220*320 WEIGHT Net 13.6 kg

  • 2016-09-27
    Eco+ Microwave Oven P90D23ATP-Q8 Price and Reviews Regular microwave oven is solo type microwave oven. Easy features have made this model popular to the users. Along with convenient features this model has flexible design that can be easily sate at your kitchen.Eco+ recently has introduced new model of Microwave Oven P90D23ATP-Q8Black color structure with digital control panel has made this model useful to the user.Let’s have look at the key features of this model at a glance.Pros- Attractive Black color looks with durable body structure. That not only in... more

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