Eco+ 1 Ton Premium Cool Air Conditioner RAC-12CRN1

Eco+ 1 Ton Premium Cool Air Conditioner RAC-12CRN1

Eco+ 1 Ton Premium Cool Air Conditioner RAC-12CRN1
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Eco+ 1 Ton Premium Cool Air Conditioner RAC-12CRN1
Model No: RAC-12CRN1

Price: Tk 41827.00

Views: 1490 times.
Updated on: 2018-04-28
Price Updated on: 2018-04-28
ID: 8916

Category: Split AC
Brand: Eco+
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Product Description
  • Product Description:

    Type Premium Cool
    TR (Ton Range) 1.0T
    Cooling Capacity  (w) 3,500
    (Btu/h) 12,000
     Power Input (W)  1,347
    EER (W/W) 2.61
    Max. current (A)               10
    Starting current (A)               26
    Compressor Rotary
    Power Supply  (Volt/Phase/Hz) 220-240V/Single/50
    Refrigerant (g) R22/530
    Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h  574 /447/ 350 
    Indoor noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A) 41.1/34.6/31.5
    Outdoor noise level dB(A)       55.4
    4- WAY SWING  
    Up & Down Auto
    Left & Right Manual
    Gold Fin Yes
    2 Ways Draining Yes
    Refrigerant Leakage Detect Yes
    LED Display Yes
    Copper Condenser Yes
    Low Noise Yes
    Timer Yes
    Sleep Mode Yes
    Self Diagnosis and Auto protection Yes
    Easy /Auto Cleaning  Yes
    High-Density Filter Yes
    Auto Restart Function Yes
    Quick & Easy Installation Yes
    Indoor  (mm) 805x194x285
    Outdoor  (mm) 700x275x550
    Indoor  (Kg) 8.3
    Outdoor  (Kg) 25.5



    • Compressor: 3 Years
    • Parts: 1 Year
    • Service: 1 Year

  • 2018-04-30
    Eco+ RAC-12CRN1 1 Ton Premium Cool Air ConditionerSummer season is knocking the door and it’s time to get ready to face the heat. There are several cooling media is available in the market among them air conditioner is a popular and powerful one. Along with futuristic features and general outlook this model is easily operated with easy control panel. In Bangladeshi market there are several brands available in the market and they have been offering futuristic featuring air conditioner within affordable price. Eco+ RAC-12CRN1 1 Ton Premiu... more

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