• Super Star Table Fan TF07 price and Reviews
      Super Star Table Fan TF07 Compare to ceiling fan and well fan table fan is mostly known for cool air supply. Moreover, its portable features allow you to carry the appliance from one place to another in the time of requirement. Super Star Table Fan TF07 is an ordinary shape ... English
    • Walton Wall Fan W16OA-RGC price and reviews
      Walton Wall Fan W16OA-RGC Fan is one of the necessary daily appliances of living life comfortably. According to the features and design there are several types of fan are available in the market among them wall fan is a popular one due to have easy installation features at the... English
    • Walton Washing Machine WWM-M80 price and reviews
      Walton Washing Machine WWM-M80 Walton Washing Machine WWM-M80 is one of the newly limited edition daily appliances. This is a gray color futuristic featuring model of washing machine with ample user-friendly. This fully automatic top loading machine has ability to wash up... English
    • Panasonic Washing Machine F100B3 price and reviews
      Panasonic Washing Machine F100B3 In the age of modern technology you don’t need to spend you valuable time to wash your cloth manually. Now it is just a matter of pressing a button only to get clean and fresh cloth. There are several modern technology base washing... English
    • Hitachi Refrigerator BCD-218i price and reviews
      Hitachi Refrigerator R-T270W (Black)Hitachi is one of the renowned brands in appliances market. They always ready to introduce modern technologies at their product to provide better service to their customer. In recent time they have introduced Hitachi Refrigerator ... English
    • Singer Refrigerator BCD-218i Price and Reviews
      Singer Refrigerator BCD-218i Singer Refrigerator BCD-218i is a red color ordinary tower shape top mount model with maximum storage capacity of 218 liters. Elegant outlook and futuristic features have made this model attractive and demandable to the buyers. Let’s have... English
    • Vision High End Refrigerator VIS 322 price and reviews
      Vision High End Refrigerator VIS 322 Vision High End Refrigerator VIS 322 is a top mount refrigerator with modern day’s features. This tower shape glossy out looking non frost refrigerator has maximum storage capacity of 322 liters.Let’s have a look som... English
    • Jamuna Refrigerator JR-UES626300 VCM price and reviews
      Jamuna Refrigerator JR-UES626300 VCM Jamuna Refrigerator JR-UES626300 VCM is a graphical looking model with glossy silver color outlook. This double door refrigerator has maximum storage capacity of 263 liters. Unlike regular model of refrigerator this model has equ... English
    • Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BK266 price and Reviews
      Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BK266 One of the trusted and renowned names in the appliances market is Panasonic. Along with outstanding outlook they are also known for introducing new technologies at their model. In recent time Panasonic has lunched new double door ... English
    • Samsung Refrigerator RS21HSTPN Price and Reviews
      Samsung Refrigerator RS21HSTPNSamsung Refrigerator RS21HSTPN is a latest technology base SXS Two Door non frost featuring model with maximum storage capacity of 600 liters. This is a mega size model of refrigerator capable of storing well enough food for longer time.Let&r... English
    • Jamuna Refrigerator JE 208L Glass price and reviews
      Jamuna Refrigerator JE 208LIn this Eid festival Jamuna has lunched new model of refrigerator with modern features and elegant look. Jamuna Refrigerator JE 208L is a tower shape model of refrigerator with bottom mount freezing features. Lets have a look some of the feat... English
    • Walton Table Fan WTF16A-RMC price and reviews
      Walton Table Fan WTF16A-RMCIn order to get smooth air flow in the time of hot and humid weather table fan is considered one of the best. Nowadays, electric appliances manufacturing companies are providing several modern features with elegant outlook. During this summer Walto... English
    • MyOne Refrigerator My-13 price and reviews
      MyOne Refrigerator My-13 Among the domestic appliances brand MyOne is a rising one. They have been manufacturing latest technology base outstanding looking model of refrigerator within affordable price. In this summer they have lunched MyOne Refrigerator My-13 model of tower shape red co... English
    • Walton Refrigerator WNJ-5B6-0102-KPXX-XX price and reviews
      Walton Refrigerator WNJ-5B6-0102-KPXX-XXWalton is one of the renowned brands in Bangladeshi market. Along with modern technology they have been offering affordable price. During this festival Walton has introduced new non frost type direct cool refrigerator with... English
    • Conion Glass Door Deep Freezer BE 99 price and reviews
      Conion Glass Door Deep Freezer BE 99 During this summer Conion has introduced new Conion Glass Door Deep Freezer BE 99 of mini deep freezer with outstanding outlook. This white color box shape model of freezer has perfectly made to keep the food safe with real aroma... English
    • LG Mini Refrigerator GR-141SLW price and reviews
      Mini Refrigerator GR-141SLWAfter television one of the common daily appliances is refrigerator. It has become necessary than luxury. Refrigerator not only stores the food for longer time but also maintain proper vitamin and mineral as well as freshness. According to the d... English
    • Transtec Top Mount Refrigerator TRS-240G Price and Reviews
      Transtec Top Mount Refrigerator TRS-240GOne of the renowned appliances brand Transtech has introduced new model of  Top Mount Refrigerator TRS-240G with elegant outlook and dimension. This is an ordinary tower shape model of refrigerator with maximum stora... English
    • Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252 price and reviews
      Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252 Due to have wide space as well as fast cooling ability demand of chest freezer is increasing day by day. There are several home and kitchen appliances manufacturing companies are producing modern feature base model of chest freezer within a... English
    • Hitachi Refrigerator R-T300W price and reviews
      During this Holly Eid-UL- Ahza bring Hitachi Refrigerator R-T300W at home. This is a modern featuring kitchen appliance with elegant look and body shape. This is a black color double door top mount refrigerator model with maximum storage capacity of 293 liters.Let’s have a look some of the key features of this direct cool refrigerator model at a glance to get idea.Pros,-   &nb... English
    • Sebec Rechargeable Fan SRF-11-12
      Sebec Rechargeable Fan SRF-11-12Everyone cannot effort IPS to get support during load shading. Therefore day by day demand of rechargeable fan is increasing rapidly. There are several electronics appliances manufacturing companies are manufacturing futuristic features base ... English
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