• Samsung introducing the thinnest phone Galaxy A7
      A gossipy tidbits were in the market that Samsung will bring "Galaxy A7". Finally it works out as expected and Samsung brings their most slender "Cell phone Samsung Galaxy A7" with some developed peculiarities as per the report of Times of India. This cell phone is 6.3mm thick and have metallic body. This is the up and coming... more
    • Room Heater for Winter
      Room Heater Bangladesh is mainly summer based country. Winter comes for a very short period. December and January is winter season. From the last few years winter is too cold. Temperatures are fall down to 3-4 degree Celsius. It is very much painful to us. especially for old citizen and kids. We can wrap ourselves by w... more
    • ADB Team highly satisfied on Walton products
      ADB Team An 8 members ADB delegation have recently visited different production unit of Walton. mainly home appliance and motorcycle units at Chandra, Gazipur on Friday(17-01-2015). They praised the production process and working environment of Walton Hi-tech Industries. The team led by Shan-Jin Wei (Chief Econ... more
    • Walton Electric Kettle WK-SS1201 Review
      Walton Electric Kettle WK-SS1201 Walton Electric Kettle (WK-SS1201) is 360 degree cordless jug. You can easily filling water, pouring or serving water. It has automatic shut off function after completing the water boils. There are no chance to deposits minerals on heating elements. It has w... more
    • Walton Air Cooler WRA-1181 Review
      Walton Air Cooler WRA-1181 Bangladesh is mainly summer seasonal country. In the summer, some times temperature rises 40-45 degree centigrade. Humidity also fall down. It is very painful to stay in the room depending on ceiling fan. To solve this situation air conditioner is one of the solution, but it ... more
    • Singer Tub Washer STS60NDA Review
      Singer Tub Washer Washing machine is very essential for todays busy life. In city life, our living places are very con-justed. It is very difficult to spent time for washing cloths. And especially in winter, it is very very painful to wash cloths. So, peoples are taking help from technology. Washing ma... more
    • Walton Air Cooler WRA S77 Review
      Walton Air Cooler WRA - S77 Walton Air Cooler WRA S77 is a portable and built in battery included air cooler. It has a 14liters water tank to Evaporative. It is very light weight and portable. Its remote controller helps you to operate to air cooler remotely. All functions are can be controlled by... more
    • Tips to buy an Air Cooler
      Air Cooler Generally we buy Air cooler considering the price and brand. We totally ignore the technical features. But it is very much important to know the technical features of an air cooler before buying it. What type of air cooler should buy? Residential air coolers are 3 types. 1. Personal Air cooler 2. Room Ai... more
    • Rangs Good Luck Bangladesh promotion 2015
      RangsRANGS brings mega offers for their customers- RANGS is one of the leading brand of home and kitchen appliance in Bangladesh. Now they introducing Eco- Friendly products to the markets at reasonable price. For customers satisfaction RANGS providing five years warranty to the following products. Now you can get 8% t... more
    • Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner
      Mallard Air CoolerBangladesh is known for hot and humid weather and summer session is one of the longest session in Bangladesh. We Bangladeshi feel hit from the beginning of the February and most alarming matter is that temperature is increasing day by day. In our country most of the ... more
    • Portable Air Conditioner
      Portable Air ConditionerBangladesh is the name of a beautiful country with six various season. Summer is one of the longest seasons of our country. Generally weather of Bangladesh is hot and humid and in the season of summer it adds extra flavor of hotness. During the summer season daily life become very tough. G... more
    • Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh
      Air ConditionerSummer season is started in the month of March and remain almost mid July in Bangladesh. During this season temperature rises up to 44 degree which makes our daily life very tough. So People like to have air condition in their room or office to bring coolness in very hot and humid weather. The... more