• Walton Kettle (Electric) WK- WQDW150 Price and Review
      Now demand of home appliance not only need and technological service. Fancy look is also become a desire of customer. People buy appliance medley with appetite, home and kitchen. Walton is well known as domestic home appliance brand. Several type of electric kettle bro... English Bangla
    • ওয়াল্টন স্টীম আয়রন WIR-S11 মূল্য এবং রিভিউ-
      Electric iron is another necessary home appliance for every home. To keep germ free and elegant cloth of infant, job holder, house wife or senior person of the family use of iron is compulsory. In winter season to remove the dampness of wet cloth or semi wet to dry cloth use o... English Bangla
    • Walton Multi-Cooker (Electric) WMC- GCA712 Price and Review
      ওয়াল্টন বেশ কিছু ডিজাইনের এবং ফিচারের রাইস কুকার বাজারে এনেছে।প্রতিটি মডেল গঠন এবং বৈশিষ্টে একটি থ... English Bangla
    • Walton Electric Kettle WK- LDW17B Price and Review
      In this winter season use of hot water increase rapidly. In cooking, shower, drink for any task hot water is become necessary in winter season. Few days’ earlier people were consistently depended on fire cooker for heating water. But nowadays use of electric kettl... English Bangla
    • Gemei hair drier- 1712 Price and Reviews
      Hair dryer is very important regular usable device for a girl. This device is very useful not only summer but also in winter season. Every girls love their hair very much. There is no compromise in care of hair. Besides regular oil massage, using hair pack and wash with shampoo... English Bangla
    • Walton Multi-Cooker (Electric) WMC-P0718 Price and Reviews
      Day by day we are getting from faster to fastest by the blessing of technology. By this magical touch also changed the pattern of kitchen of every family. To make your house hold chores easy and less time consuming different type of home appliance are lunges in ma... English Bangla
    • Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02 Price and Review
      Electric lunch box is new in our country but quiet familiar to abroad. Mainly it is a lunch box but you can use it to warm your food at anywhere. This is the main characteristics of this box. Walton brought Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02  an electric lunch ... English Bangla
    • Singer electric kettle SREK-PRISMA2217 price and review
      Use of hot water is essential in winter season. It is quiet impossible or cause of unwanted serious disease to do any task without hot water. So that, keeping hot water is become an important task for every family or residence. Nowadays, there are several types of... English Bangla
    • Sharp rice cooker KSH-218 price and reviews
      Now rice cooker has become part and parcel kitchen appliance in Bangladesh. Rice is our main meal as a result we like to have rice cooker. In this smart kitchen appliance, along with rice we can also cook vegetable and other meals too. There are several brands and non brand ri... English Bangla
    • Havells Induction Cooker GOCICBLK16051 price and reviews
      Havells Induction Cooker GOCICBLK16051 is silver color book shape model made of copper coil and decorated with plastic body farm. There are two parts of cooker one is heating zone and another one is control panel zone. This plug and play functioning cooker can be ... English Bangla
    • Sharp Inverter Microwave Oven R-380V-S price and review
      Reheat fade real test of cooking food. But, job holders have no enough time to cook every day. At a time cooks more food is only solution for them. If they are habituated to use micro-wave oven, then they don’t have to sacrifice their test of food. Micro-wav... English Bangla
    • Singer Electric Kettle SREK-PRISMA3910 price and reviews
      Nowadays, electric kettle is one of the regular home appliances. With the help of eclectic kettle you can easily get boil water to make your favorite tea or coffee within short time. This smart kitchen appliance is not only save your valuable time but also respons... English Bangla
    • Walton Electric Kettle WK-P1703 Price and Review
      Kettles are among the simplest of household appliances. Lift the lid and peer inside and you will see, at the very bottom of the water container a coil of thick metal called the heating dement. If you plug the kettle into an electrical outlet, a large electric current fl... English Bangla
    • Sharp 5-door refrigerator SJ-FX660S
      Sharp presents 5-door refrigerator model. View to full-fill huge demand of join family, large commercial space, mega kitchen, Aristocratic restaurant etc.It’s a time demanding model. Now days we always wants morefunctions or multi-purpose technology in one appl... English Bangla
    • ওয়াল্টন হেয়ার স্ট্রেইটনার WHSC-SZ19T
      মেয়েদের সাজের একটা প্রধান অংশ চুল।যে কোন পার্টি বা ঘরোয়া অনুষ্ঠানে চুলের একটা পরিপাটি সাজের ব্য... English Bangla
    • Gemei hair drier- 1704 Price and Reviews
      Hair drier or hair drying device is one of the daily necessary product for girls. Long hair is not only looking so beautiful to look at but also hazards to look at. There are many types of annoying task regularly we have to do, hair drying is one of them. To make it easy hair d... English Bangla
    • Walton Blender WBL-6TCG30 Review and price
      Cooking is a part and parcel of daily life. The person who prepares food regularly fpr family always she or he think about the next item will be what? Cooking is a duty for her, not enjoyable game. A housewife spends her maximum time to prepare or make food dishes. In present ... English Bangla
    • Yama Air cooler 14A price and reviews
      Main reason of our country is summer. Almost 6-7 months we have to suffer extreme hot weather. Temperature becomes 32°-40°C. To get little peace in this rough weather people want to buy AC or cooler. AC is not affordable for everyone. Some time space fact, In this situation ... English Bangla
    • Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL price and reviews
      World renowned brand Sharp is presenting smart refrigerator Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL. This model is an invert refrigerator.Ash color durable structure; strong hinge will take your attention. Update technology used to be better in service for family or user. Structure... English Bangla
    • Sharp-6 door refrigerator SJ-GF60A-R Price and reviews
      6-door refrigerator is new arrival version of worldwide well-known home appliance companies. This giant refrigerator is useful for mega kitchen, restaurant, commercial place or joint family. With its huge capacity of refrigerator and frizzier it fills the needs of d... English Bangla
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