• Super Star Pedestal Fan–PF07 price and reviews
    Super Star Pedestal Fan–PF07If you are looking for a fan that has ability to keep you wide room place cool during hot and humid condition then stand fan or pedestal fan is perfect for you. Along with capacity of covering wide range of the space it flow cool airs. In ... English
  • Take Refrigerator Got Butcher
    One of the unique themes has introduced by the Unitech is a brand of home and kitchen appliances. During this holy Eid festival you would get the service of butcher without any cost if you are a lucky customer of Unitech. All the refrigerators are made of durable metals and keets with glossy out looking door ... English
  • During this Eid get a free Refrigerator
    Nova Osaka Japan is known for quality and elegant outlook of the appliances. Along with daily kitchen appliances Nova is also making high quality 4k TV. To make this holy Eid festival more enjoyable they have been offering unbelievable prize in this Eid .    This is a mega buy one get one free offer. Purchased 4k 55 inches LED TV and gets a free deep freezer. This is the perfect one for... English
  • Minister Refrigerator at affordable price
    Minister one of the promising appliances brands of Bangladesh. Along with taking care of the quality they have been also making sure about the affordable price too. Recently they have introduced modern manufacturing technology at their production house as a result production unit has increased remarkably. Therefore, ... English
  • Win a trip with Mashrafi and Tamim
    To make your Eid more enjoyable Butterfly, one of the renowned brands of appliances, is offering amazing Eid offers. Since their journey they have been taking care of their customer by delivering quality and modern featuring appliances.During this Eid, you could win several prizes. Let’s have a look at the offering prizes of Butterfly. Mega offers You could win a lucky trip with Banglade... English
  • Vision Modern Refrigerator 2017
    Vision is one of the rising home and kitchen appliances brand in Bangladesh. Along with stylish outlook and modern cooling features vision has been providing eco friendly refrigerator within affordable price. They have several outlets all over the country. So you would easily have this model at your nearest Vision outlet.   Besides, regular refrigerator model vision has been introducing doub... English
  • Singer Eid ul Azha Dhamaka Offer 2017
    During this Eid festival Singer, one of the leading appliances brand in Bangladesh, has offering mega discount for the buyers. You could win an attractive futuristic featuring refrigerator as a lucky buyer. As we know Singer is always at the first row to improve the quality of the product and provide better services to their customers. Therefore t... English
  • World Class Walton Air conditioner
    Walton is working on manufacturing world class appliance like development countries. Walton is manufacturing user friendly futuristic featuring electronics and daily appliance. They are not only fulfilling the local demand but also importing large number of countries. In recent year, Walton has introduced ul... English
  • Walton Refrigerator Durable, Safe and Stylish within your price
    In Bangladeshi appliances market Walton is a renowned brand. They are not only offering reasonable price of the model but also making sure Hi-tech quality and safety of the product. One of the top demandable products of Walton is refrigerator. After fulfilling the domestic demand they are exporting... English
  • Novena Rechargeable Fan NCF-312 price and reviews
    Novena Rechargeable Fan NCF-312 In the time of burning summer and load shedding one of the common and necessary appliances is rechargeable fan. Because of having battery system at the power function you can remain tension free in the time of no electricity. Deman... English
  • Mega Discount on Vision Air Conditioner
    In this hot and humid summer, what could be more comfortable than setting at air conditioner room? Along with rising temperature demand of air conditioner is increasing day by day. To meet up this huge rising demand domestic and international appliances manufacturer are lunching futuristic features base air conditioner within affordable price.Among the domestic brands of air conditioner, vision is... English
  • Boishaki mega offer of Best Electronics
    One of the popular and trusted electronics and appliances shop in Bangladesh is Best Electronics. They are very much committed to deliver the best to the customer. Along with smart and strong sales team technical team is also skilled enough to solve the problem rapidly.Best electronic... English
  • Difference between Walton WI S45 and Vision 75 Induction Cooker
    No doubt that induction cooker has made daily cooking more convenient and safe than before. This plug and play electric cooking appliance has become part and parcel of modern kitchen. Along with attractive outlook and cinch features of operating has been providing the pleasure of smoke free cooking within short time. Appliances manufacturer are introducing futuristic features base model of inducti... English
  • What is the difference between water filter, purifier and softener?
    Generally we think water purifier and water filter is same and similar features of softener too. Some industries, mistakenly, use the term interchangeably and think that the process behind each is similar. Obviously all three are using for making the water clean and safe to drink and use but there are some difference among them. Today we will discuss about the basic differences among the water fi... English
  • Buying guide of water purifier
    Water is known as life but it can be dangerous for our life too. There are some heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic etc. which needs to be removed from water because human body cannot get rid of these heavy metals and they keep on accumulating in the body causing health problems. Water from many sources contains germs, bacteria, viruses which cause water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid a... English
  • Types of washing machine
    A machine that used for washing and drying dirty cloth is known washing machine. After having refrigerator and television as a necessary home appliances, washing machine is considered as an essential one. Due to have limited time washing has become weekly task that also increase the work load. You can select amongst a lot of washing machines available based on size of your family and affordable pr... English
  • Sharp summer-closing sales offer 2016
    In the end of summer sharp is offering attractive discount on washing machine. Winter is knocking the door and in general it’s tough to get use to with water in chilly season. Therefore demand of appliances increased in the season. Sharp washing machine has ultramodern technology base features that not only clean your dirty cloth properly but also keep the cloth safe and fresh. Sharp automa... English
  • Walton laptop price and specification
    Walton, a brand of Bangladesh, is going to introduce modern technology base multiple model of Laptops within affordable price in recent month. In the appliances market, Walton has made revolutionary change and grape the top position at the appliance market in Bangladesh as well as also renowned brand in the oversees market too. In the age of modern technology and science, we are very much dependa... English
  • Singer Eid Dhamaka offer
    Singer has been carrying the glory of quality appliances for 100 years in this continent. Staring with two showrooms, now singer has become part and parcel of our everyday life. With their product quality and service they have won the hart of Bangladeshi people. In this Eid, Singer, one of the international renowned appliance brands, is providing Dhamaka offer on home and kitchen appliances. Alon... English
  • Diffrence between Jamuna JE 220 DEEP and LG ZR-26FAR freezer
    Letest tehnology no longer remain for a one particuler group of people or area. Nowadays, domestic manufacturing appliances brand have been introducing latestv technology in their product and competting againest renowned international brand. LG, one of the popular and fast row brand of home and kitchen applinces, have launched new LG ZR-26FAR freezer model of deep freezer with modern technology. ... English
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