• Marcel “Exchange Offer”
    Marcel electronics brought to you “Easy Exchange” offer only for TV. You can change your any type; any branded old TV with new TV. Change any running/obsolete TV with new model Marcel LED/Smart TV. Some special features of Marcel TV- 3D combo-filter- Gives the pleasure to enjoy clear picture quality. HDMI”14- Shows you high definition picture. More live and more attractive t... English Bangla
  • Sharp ‘Year End’ Sale News
    বাংলাদেশে যে কয়টি সুপরিচিত এবং আস্থা অর্জনকারী হোম অ্যাপ্লায়েন্স ব্র্যান্ড আছে, তার মাঝে শার্প অন্... English Bangla
  • Sumsung 100% Cash Back offer
    End of the year SUMSUNG brought to you a grand offer. Freeze, panel TV, microwave oven, Washing machine and AC. To decor your home with necessary home appliance this offer is suitable for you. Offers are given below- Mega offer is 100% cash back. Daily free g... English Bangla
  • Walton Mega 200 % Cash Back Offer
    Freeze is almost equally important part for summer or winter. All the years it has on demand. Domestic brand Walton brought to you their new freeze offer in sense about public demand. You can get only bought freeze. In this unbelievable offer you can get till 200% c... English Bangla
  • Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC006 price and reviews
    After passing hot and humid summer now it’s time say welcome to chilly winter. During this cold weather life become though special for the child and senior citizen. To make our room comfortable to live in chilly winter, room heater is a perfect appliance. Along with ... English Bangla
  • Vision Discount Offer
    After ending summer, winter just knocking door. In this season changing time a discount offer brought to you by Vision. Vision is one of home appliance brand in Bangladesh.  They provides quality full Freezer,  LED TV, Oven, AC, rice cooker, etc. Ending sum... English Bangla
  • Singer Mega Furnitur Offer
    Singer is a worldwide renowned home appliance brand. With world class TV, Frizz, Washing machine they also serve you furniture. So much elegant and smart designed furniture are available in furniture show-room. To get this collection you have to paid heavy budget. ... English Bangla
  • মার্সেল গ্রীষ্মমের অফার
    At the end of summer Marcel again brought to you an AC offer. Marcel is our country product and it become able to earn customer faith. So that, their demand increasing day by day. In their new offer have 1 lakh cash back, 1 year electric bill free and 500 Taka ins... English Bangla
  • Walton mega exchange offer
    Walton mega exchange offer…you can exchange your any model and brands old TV with brand new Walton TV. After buy TV confirm a digital registration, would be get a new frizz by luck! There have some conditions. Given below- Two particular models are selected for this mega ex... English Bangla
  • Walton Millionaire offer
    Before take decision to buy any electronics home appliance customer should know about the grade and servicing facility of that product. How much its stabilities will provide you? Where is its servicing point? Is their parts are available? etc. considerable for a cus... English Bangla
  • Walton World Cup Offer
    In this World Cup have a special gift for cricket lover buying Walton LED TV. A golden addition bat-ball with autograph of Mashrafi-bin-Murtuza! Also special discount onTV some specific model. Buy best quality LED TV with reasonable price. Enjoy world cup with Walto... English Bangla
  • JAMUNA Electronics is giving easy installment facilities
    In our domestic product list JZMUNA is one of the best. Correct price value is one of the special sides of domestic home appliance. These products are free from imported tax and another necessary cost. So, product value become less then export product naturally. The entire domestic produ... English Bangla
  • Walton world cup offer “Buy AC got car free!!”
    Buy AC got car free!! 1 year electricity bill free. This unbelievable offer brought to you by Walton. This special offer launch for world cup. To get this offer you have to buy a Walton AC and registered by SMS. Not just this. To buy AC you will receive installment facility if you want. ... English Bangla
  • Marcel is giving World cup double offer
    World cup brought a double offer by Marcel. One of the well-known electrical home appliance brands in Bangladesh. Marcel presenting some smart looks and new features included refrigerators. This model will fulfill your family demand with very cordially. These refrig... English Bangla
  • Buy Walton washing machine and win car!
    Walton is become top home appliance brand in Bangladesh. By product, service, price, availability it is number one in choices. Specially, it becomes faithful for middle class people. A new offer brought to you by Walton. Buy Walton washing machine and win car! Not o... English Bangla
  • Buy Walton refrigerator and freezer and won autograph bat-ball of Mashrafi-bin-Murtuza!
    In this World Cup, have a special gift for cricket lover buying Walton refrigerator and freezer.A golden addition bat-ball with autograph of Mashrafi-bin-Murtuza! Also free many Walton products. This offer valid only for purchase of Walton refrigerator and time is ... English Bangla
  • Whirlpool Magic Eid offer
    Whirlpool is one of the bestelectronics home appliance brand. Freeze, Ac, washing machine, TV etc different type of electronics home appliance product are providing by Whirlpool. For using world class technology, smart design, easy to use and best service they beco... English Bangla
  • SUMSUNG World cup T-20 offer
    World cup T-20 upcoming. All worlds are getting ready to enjoy this game. Live game in gallery is dream but not possible for everyone.Bourgeoisie people enjoy world cup with friends, family and cousins. Sometimes in leaving room, bed room, hall room in student&rsqu... English Bangla
  • Get Walton Air conditioner and win a Car
    Walton Eid offer! Buy freeze, TV or AC and win a car. Isn’t it too much! By product quality, price and service Walton become a faithful home appliance brand name to customer. In this Eid to research and develop product quality and ensure highest digital custom... English Bangla
  • Magic Eid offer from Best Electronics
    HITACHI is worldwide famous electronics brand. Freeze, Ac, washing machine, TV etc different type of electronics home appliance product are providing by HITACHI. Price is quiet high than another regular home appliance brand. Because of their world class service they... English Bangla
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