• Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX3153E-SL Price and Reviews
    Sharp refrigerator built in Japanese technology. That’s why Sharp is different for its quality from other refrigerator.  Sharp brand is quiet costly in price, so that, customers are unwilling to Sharp refrigerator. If you are looking for a semi-large ... English Bangla
  • World Class Home Appliance at Easy Installment
    Buy your Refrigerator, TV or AC from Transcom Digital show-room at easy installment. Transcom  Digital is one of the well known trusted seller show-room for world class home appliance product. Only SUMSUNG, TRANSTEC, Whirlpool and HITACHI product are available ... English Bangla
  • Jamuna TV at Unbelievable Price
    Jamuna is our domestic electronics home appliance brand. Jamuna electronics has been able to fulfill our demand with last technology. Frizzes, AC, TV of Jamuna group are achieving customer demand by their good product service. Jamuna TV brought to you an incredible... English Bangla
  • Jamuna AC at Easy Installment
    Nowadays our country product of electronics home appliance is become able to fulfill our demand. For reasonable price and best service quality it becomes very useful and available to all kinds of people.Summer is knocking door. For global warming temperature will ri... English Bangla
  • BUTTERFLY Summer Offer
    To make your life easy and comfortable in this summer BUTTERFLY brought to an offer. You can buy an eco+ AC of BUTTERFLY in affordable price. To afford BUTTERFLY AC Company will provide you all type of facilities. Their service- Down payment start 7,440 Taka- ... English Bangla
  • Daily 35 lakh Taka,Walton
    Recently Walton has been start Digital campaign 2020, Season 6. You can be winner of 35 lakhs taka every day. Buy TV, freeze or AC anyone appliance and win 5 lakhs taka cash voucher. Let’s have a look some of the conditions of this offer at a glance- Highest 5 lakhs Taka on cash voucher. After purchasing freeze, TV and AC you have to register your number through sms. Total lottery pro... English Bangla
  • Sharp Bosonto Uthsob News
    We have some special event by our own culture. Every people celebrate this event by their own choice. Bosonto Uthsob is one of them. All kinds of people especially young generations take a festive looks and enjoy 1st Falgun day as their won colors. Different types o... English Bangla
    SAMSUNG is one of famous global home appliance brand. SAMSUNG is also a desirable brand to all kinds of customers. Because of good quality and using smart technology their product price is always high. So, all customers are not able to buy SAMSUNG anytime or take time to prepare money. For all respected customers SUMSUNG brought a great discount offer only on TV. On three category 7 models of TV a... English Bangla
  • Walton Cash Voucher offer
    গরম কাল মানেই ফ্রিজ আর এসি চাহিদা বেড়ে যাওয়া।যেভাবে আমাদের দেশে গরম বাড়ছে, তাতে করে এসি ছাড়া থাকা কষ্টকর হয়ে যা... English Bangla
  • Walton TV Exchange Fair
    Walton is our domestic brand. Walton brought almost all type of regular usable home appliance in market. They have own the faith of general customer by their quality and structure. To make it available to all kind of people they arrange many type of purchase facilit... English Bangla
  • Walton 200 % cash voucher offer
    Before summer Walton brought to you a special offer. You can win 200% free cash voucher after purchase refrigerator. Walton groups are become able to earn the faith of people by their product and service. They have almost 75% market share all over the Bangladesh. Th... English Bangla
  • Best electronics-HITACHI festivel-2020
    In the opening of the year HITACHI electronics brought to you a grand discount on buy refrigerator and various gift for any product. All over the year demand of home appliance is noticeable. A refrigerator is important for any family. If you have need of a new refri... English Bangla
  • Marcel “Exchange Offer”
    Marcel electronics brought to you “Easy Exchange” offer only for TV. You can change your any type; any branded old TV with new TV. Change any running/obsolete TV with new model Marcel LED/Smart TV. Some special features of Marcel TV- 3D combo-filter- Gives the pleasure to enjoy clear picture quality. HDMI”14- Shows you high definition picture. More live and more attractive t... English Bangla
  • Sharp ‘Year End’ Sale News
    বাংলাদেশে যে কয়টি সুপরিচিত এবং আস্থা অর্জনকারী হোম অ্যাপ্লায়েন্স ব্র্যান্ড আছে, তার মাঝে শার্প অন্... English Bangla
  • Sumsung 100% Cash Back offer
    End of the year SUMSUNG brought to you a grand offer. Freeze, panel TV, microwave oven, Washing machine and AC. To decor your home with necessary home appliance this offer is suitable for you. Offers are given below- Mega offer is 100% cash back. Daily free g... English Bangla
  • Walton Mega 200 % Cash Back Offer
    Freeze is almost equally important part for summer or winter. All the years it has on demand. Domestic brand Walton brought to you their new freeze offer in sense about public demand. You can get only bought freeze. In this unbelievable offer you can get till 200% c... English Bangla
  • Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC006 price and reviews
    After passing hot and humid summer now it’s time say welcome to chilly winter. During this cold weather life become though special for the child and senior citizen. To make our room comfortable to live in chilly winter, room heater is a perfect appliance. Along with ... English Bangla
  • Vision Discount Offer
    After ending summer, winter just knocking door. In this season changing time a discount offer brought to you by Vision. Vision is one of home appliance brand in Bangladesh.  They provides quality full Freezer,  LED TV, Oven, AC, rice cooker, etc. Ending sum... English Bangla
  • Singer Mega Furnitur Offer
    Singer is a worldwide renowned home appliance brand. With world class TV, Frizz, Washing machine they also serve you furniture. So much elegant and smart designed furniture are available in furniture show-room. To get this collection you have to paid heavy budget. ... English Bangla
  • মার্সেল গ্রীষ্মমের অফার
    At the end of summer Marcel again brought to you an AC offer. Marcel is our country product and it become able to earn customer faith. So that, their demand increasing day by day. In their new offer have 1 lakh cash back, 1 year electric bill free and 500 Taka ins... English Bangla
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