• World Class Walton Air conditioner
    Walton is working on manufacturing world class appliance like development countries. Walton is manufacturing user friendly futuristic featuring electronics and daily appliance. They are not only fulfilling the local demand but also importing large number of countries. In recent year, Walton has introduced ul... more
  • Walton Refrigerator Durable, Safe and Stylish within your price
    In Bangladeshi appliances market Walton is a renowned brand. They are not only offering reasonable price of the model but also making sure Hi-tech quality and safety of the product. One of the top demandable products of Walton is refrigerator. After fulfilling the domestic demand they are exporting... more
  • Novena Rechargeable Fan NCF-312 price and reviews
    Novena Rechargeable Fan NCF-312 In the time of burning summer and load shedding one of the common and necessary appliances is rechargeable fan. Because of having battery system at the power function you can remain tension free in the time of no electricity. Deman... more
  • Mega Discount on Vision Air Conditioner
    In this hot and humid summer, what could be more comfortable than setting at air conditioner room? Along with rising temperature demand of air conditioner is increasing day by day. To meet up this huge rising demand domestic and international appliances manufacturer are lunching futuristic features base air conditioner within affordable price.Among the domestic brands of air conditioner, vision is... more
  • Boishaki mega offer of Best Electronics
    One of the popular and trusted electronics and appliances shop in Bangladesh is Best Electronics. They are very much committed to deliver the best to the customer. Along with smart and strong sales team technical team is also skilled enough to solve the problem rapidly.Best electronic... more
  • Difference between Walton WI S45 and Vision 75 Induction Cooker
    No doubt that induction cooker has made daily cooking more convenient and safe than before. This plug and play electric cooking appliance has become part and parcel of modern kitchen. Along with attractive outlook and cinch features of operating has been providing the pleasure of smoke free cooking within short time. Appliances manufacturer are introducing futuristic features base model of inducti... more
  • What is the difference between water filter, purifier and softener?
    Generally we think water purifier and water filter is same and similar features of softener too. Some industries, mistakenly, use the term interchangeably and think that the process behind each is similar. Obviously all three are using for making the water clean and safe to drink and use but there are some difference among them. Today we will discuss about the basic differences among the water fi... more
  • Buying guide of water purifier
    Water is known as life but it can be dangerous for our life too. There are some heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic etc. which needs to be removed from water because human body cannot get rid of these heavy metals and they keep on accumulating in the body causing health problems. Water from many sources contains germs, bacteria, viruses which cause water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid a... more
  • Types of washing machine
    A machine that used for washing and drying dirty cloth is known washing machine. After having refrigerator and television as a necessary home appliances, washing machine is considered as an essential one. Due to have limited time washing has become weekly task that also increase the work load. You can select amongst a lot of washing machines available based on size of your family and affordable pr... more
  • Sharp summer-closing sales offer 2016
    In the end of summer sharp is offering attractive discount on washing machine. Winter is knocking the door and in general it’s tough to get use to with water in chilly season. Therefore demand of appliances increased in the season. Sharp washing machine has ultramodern technology base features that not only clean your dirty cloth properly but also keep the cloth safe and fresh. Sharp automa... more
  • Walton laptop price and specification
    Walton, a brand of Bangladesh, is going to introduce modern technology base multiple model of Laptops within affordable price in recent month. In the appliances market, Walton has made revolutionary change and grape the top position at the appliance market in Bangladesh as well as also renowned brand in the oversees market too. In the age of modern technology and science, we are very much dependa... more
  • Singer Eid Dhamaka offer
    Singer has been carrying the glory of quality appliances for 100 years in this continent. Staring with two showrooms, now singer has become part and parcel of our everyday life. With their product quality and service they have won the hart of Bangladeshi people. In this Eid, Singer, one of the international renowned appliance brands, is providing Dhamaka offer on home and kitchen appliances. Alon... more
  • Diffrence between Jamuna JE 220 DEEP and LG ZR-26FAR freezer
    Letest tehnology no longer remain for a one particuler group of people or area. Nowadays, domestic manufacturing appliances brand have been introducing latestv technology in their product and competting againest renowned international brand. LG, one of the popular and fast row brand of home and kitchen applinces, have launched new LG ZR-26FAR freezer model of deep freezer with modern technology. ... more
  • Walton’s target is 1.5 Millions
    Walton, top domestic brand of the Bangladeshi home and kitchen appliances market, has set record target of selling 1.5 Million’s refrigerator during this season. Top management of Walton is very much committed to achieve this challenging goal. They have set up their planning to increase 50 percent GDP and according to the last six’s month data, they have already sold more than .5 milli... more
  • Difference between Yama Air Cooler 11B and of Symphony Air cooler HICOOL SMART I
    One of the appliances that has been using in summer is air cooler. Most natural way to keep the environment comfortable without costing too much as an electricity at the end of the month is having air cooler. Unlike air conditioner you can get better service from this appliance by keep the door and windows open. There are several manufacturing brand are available in the market with convenience fea... more
  • Difference between Kenstar Cyclone-12 and Mallard MAC 927R Air Cooler
    There are several known and unknown brand are available in the market. They have been providing modern technologies as well as committing for long term service. Although some of them are up to the mark but most of them are not capable enough to serve you for long time. Kenstar and Mallard have lunched new model of air cooler in this summer and they have some difference among them. Difference bet... more
  • Difference between Walton WNH-3H6-0101 and Vision Side by Side SHR-556 Refrigerators
    Summer is knocking the door, in this season to keep your food safe from several domestic and international appliances manufacturing brand has been introducing new model. As a customer it is better to have several choices but at the same time it could be confusing too. To help the buyer we ( are providing differences. We believe it will help our visitors to make right choice. Walto... more
  • Моdеrn Dау Маlе Grооmіng - Grеаt Тірs fоr Usіng а Веаrd Тrіmmеr
    Beard TrimmerМаnу mеn fіnd thаt dаіlу mаlе grооmіng саn bе tіmе-соnsumіng. Dесіdіng tо grоw а bеаrd tо mаkе mоrnіngs quісkеr іs а grеаt sоlutіоn, аnd fоllоwіng а fеw sіmрlе stерs fоr usіng а bеаrd trіmmеr саn kеер уоur nеw fасі... more
  • Sebec Electric Oven SEO-35 KM Price and Reviews
    Sebec Electric OvenAccording to the increasing demand of the daily appliances we get an idea about the appliances market. To capture this mage size market national and international appliances manufacturing brand are competing against each other. In this circumstances customer are getting benefits. The e... more
  • LG Microwave Oven MS-3042G price and reviews
    LG Microwave OvenDay by day price of appliances are coming within the reach of general people. As a result use of home and kitchen appliances are increasing. Most of the renounce brands are providing latest technology base attractive looking appliances within reasonable price. How popular LG is?... more
  • Eid offer of Jamuna Electronics
    Bangladesh is one of the populated countries of the world. Most of the people of this country are Muslim. Eid-ul- fitar and Eid-ul-a both are consider as the biggest festival of Bangladesh. During the time of Eid people like to purchase new product. Purchasing behavior totally depend on the festival. In Eid-ul-fitr they like to purchase new cloth and in the time of Eid-ul-azha they like to purchas... more
  • Types of Television
    We are talking about one of the biggest and famous home appliance of the world. Television that has made a revolutionary changed in the concept of entertainment. It has become part and parcel of our daily life. In the early stage when television was invent picture quality was black and white following that in the mid-forties first time world experience color picture in the television. But scientis... more
  • History of Television
    If I said that we all have magic box in our house than will you agree with me? I know you may confuse regarding your answer. Yes, we all have this magical box in our home called Television. You only need to press a button and it will bring all worlds in front of you by various channels. Television is considered one of the biggest entertaining medium of modern world. You may hardly found few famili... more
  • Walton Refrigerator and freezer
    A brand that has made revolutionary changed in electronics sector in our country is Walton. Low income country like Bangladesh appliances were considered rich families product because of the high price of the appliance but Walton has changed this concept. Walton is not only a big brand of Bangladesh but also all over south Asia. Though they have started their journey as a trading company but now t... more
  • KONKA in Bangladesh
    We are living in the age of modern science and technology. Nowadays we are very much dependent on machine or technology. Day by day researcher has been introducing modern technology that has been making our daily life more convenient and enjoyable. We have several types of home and kitchen appliances. Appliances not o... more
  • Types of Water Filter
    Water FilterOne of the most common and necessary appliance of our home is water filter. Water filter is deeply related with our health. As we all know water is one of the major sources of bacteria that can causes serious diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, rectal cancer, colon cancer, and b... more
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Purifier
    Water PurifierMost valuable element of the world is water. One third of our planet is made of water. We cannot think our daily life without water. That’s why water is also called as a synonym of life. Every sector in our life needs this precious element. It is one of the biggest sources of energy in th... more
  • Walton Home and Kitchen Appliances
    Walton Home and Kitchen AppliancesWalton is the brand of Bangladesh. Journey of this mega brand has been started since 1977 as a trading company founded by S.M Nurul Alam Rezvi. After long journey of 40 years Walton has not only consisted as a trading company but also made the mark all most every demandable sector. ... more
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Microwave Oven
    Microwave OvenModern technology has made our life more convenient enjoyable at the same time more safe. Cooking is part and parcel of our daily life. Generally it takes Hugh time. But now we don’t have so much time to cook. Technology has come forward to solve this problem by innovating precious k... more
  • Types of Microwave Oven
    Microwave OvenIn the year 1946 Dr. Percy Spencer, a self-taught engineer with the Raytheon Corporation, is the inventor of a magical kitchen appliance known as microwave oven. Actually he was He was testing a new vacuum tube called a magnetron. Suddenly he discovered that the candy bar in his pocket... more
  • Types of freezers
    Deep FreezersScience and technology has made incredible change in our daily life by precious invention. One of the priceless innovations of modern technology is freezer. It is a popular and necessity kitchen appliance of the world. People always thought about storing their food for long timebut it was ... more
  • Laaibah Ruti Maker
    Laaibah Ruti Maker One of the common and popular foods of the world is bread that made of flour. In Bangla we knew this popular and healthy food as a Ruti. We cannot think about our breakfast without this healthy food but making process of this food is little bit hard unlike other food and at the same time lengthy. ... more
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Generators
    Generator Electricity that has brings a revolutionary change in world. Now it is consider the backbone of the world development. We can not think our daily life without electricity. Whenever we talk about electricity a name always come in our mind, Thomas Alva Edison is the inventor of electricity, his p... more
  • Difference between IPS and Generator
    IPSElectricity is a blessing of Science we can not think any moment without it. Electricity has been producing in huge amount in developed country as a result they are not bothered about load shedding. But in developing country like Bangladesh where electricity has big roll in every sector need break... more
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Refrigerators
    Refrigerators Summer season is the longest time period of Bangladeshi season. This season is very much known for hot and humid weather. It is not only making difficulty to our daily life but also has effect on our food. Because of the hotness our food especially vegetables loss their freshness to over com... more
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of IPS
    IPSElectricity is considered the most precious invention of the Science. Great American Scientist Thomas Alva Edison is the inventor of electricity; his precious invention brings revolutionary change in our life. Now we can not think our daily life without electricity. Starting from our bedroom to ou... more
  • How to select right AC for your room
    ACBangladesh is known as a country of hot and humid weather. Among the six seasons summer session remains long time with us. During the summer season temperature rise up to 44 degree which means extra flavor of hot and humid weather. In that situation we can not concentrate properly in our work place as well as difficu... more
  • Walton - Brand of Bangladesh
    Walton BangladeshWhenever we think about our brand one name is always come first and the name is Walton. Walton is one of the biggest and popular brand of Bangladesh. In the year 1977, Mr. S.M Nurul Alam Rezvi founder of Walton had started their journey by starting as a trading company and in late 1970s Walton en... more
  • Water Purifier (Filter) in Bangladesh
    Water Purifier (Filter) in BangladeshWater is the main element of our environment. Without water we can not think about our existence that’s why water is known as synonym of the life. Bangladesh is a land of rivers and in rainy session water is remain every part of our country but p... more
  • Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh
    Air ConditionerSummer season is started in the month of March and remain almost mid July in Bangladesh. During this season temperature rises up to 44 degree which makes our daily life very tough. So People like to have air condition in their room or office to bring coolness in very hot and humid weather. The... more
  • Portable Air Conditioner
    Portable Air ConditionerBangladesh is the name of a beautiful country with six various season. Summer is one of the longest seasons of our country. Generally weather of Bangladesh is hot and humid and in the season of summer it adds extra flavor of hotness. During the summer season daily life become very tough. G... more
  • Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner
    Mallard Air CoolerBangladesh is known for hot and humid weather and summer session is one of the longest session in Bangladesh. We Bangladeshi feel hit from the beginning of the February and most alarming matter is that temperature is increasing day by day. In our country most of the ... more
  • Rangs Good Luck Bangladesh promotion 2015
    RangsRANGS brings mega offers for their customers- RANGS is one of the leading brand of home and kitchen appliance in Bangladesh. Now they introducing Eco- Friendly products to the markets at reasonable price. For customers satisfaction RANGS providing five years warranty to the following products. Now you can get 8% t... more
  • Tips to buy an Air Cooler
    Air Cooler Generally we buy Air cooler considering the price and brand. We totally ignore the technical features. But it is very much important to know the technical features of an air cooler before buying it. What type of air cooler should buy? Residential air coolers are 3 types. 1. Personal Air cooler 2. Room Ai... more
  • ADB Team highly satisfied on Walton products
    ADB Team An 8 members ADB delegation have recently visited different production unit of Walton. mainly home appliance and motorcycle units at Chandra, Gazipur on Friday(17-01-2015). They praised the production process and working environment of Walton Hi-tech Industries. The team led by Shan-Jin Wei (Chief Econ... more
  • Room Heater for Winter
    Room Heater Bangladesh is mainly summer based country. Winter comes for a very short period. December and January is winter season. From the last few years winter is too cold. Temperatures are fall down to 3-4 degree Celsius. It is very much painful to us. especially for old citizen and kids. We can wrap ourselves by w... more
  • Samsung introducing the thinnest phone Galaxy A7
    A gossipy tidbits were in the market that Samsung will bring "Galaxy A7". Finally it works out as expected and Samsung brings their most slender "Cell phone Samsung Galaxy A7" with some developed peculiarities as per the report of Times of India. This cell phone is 6.3mm thick and have metallic body. This is the up and coming... more