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  • Walton World Cup Offer
    In this World Cup have a special gift for cricket lover buying Walton LED TV. A golden addition bat-ball with autograph of Mashrafi-bin-Murtuza! Also special discount onTV some specific model. Buy best quality LED TV with reasonable price. Enjoy world cup with Walto... English Bangla
  • JAMUNA Electronics is giving easy installment facilities
    In our domestic product list JZMUNA is one of the best. Correct price value is one of the special sides of domestic home appliance. These products are free from imported tax and another necessary cost. So, product value become less then export product naturally. The entire domestic produ... English Bangla
  • Walton world cup offer “Buy AC got car free!!”
    Buy AC got car free!! 1 year electricity bill free. This unbelievable offer brought to you by Walton. This special offer launch for world cup. To get this offer you have to buy a Walton AC and registered by SMS. Not just this. To buy AC you will receive installment facility if you want. ... English Bangla
  • Marcel is giving World cup double offer
    World cup brought a double offer by Marcel. One of the well-known electrical home appliance brands in Bangladesh. Marcel presenting some smart looks and new features included refrigerators. This model will fulfill your family demand with very cordially. These refrig... English Bangla
  • Buy Walton washing machine and win car!
    Walton is become top home appliance brand in Bangladesh. By product, service, price, availability it is number one in choices. Specially, it becomes faithful for middle class people. A new offer brought to you by Walton. Buy Walton washing machine and win car! Not o... English Bangla
  • Walton Blender WBL-VK01 Prioe and Reviews
    Blender is one of the most wanted kitchen appliance in nowadays.Cooking arrangement is lengthier than cooking. To save time now we become dependents on various type of home appliance. For fast mixing, chopping or dust blender is first choice and its most used.Walton brought to y... English Bangla
  • Walton Rice Cooker WRC-CSS18D price na reviews
    We have passed the day of wood-coal, soil oven very few ago. Already dependency on fire going decries for cooking day by day. Home appliance helps to reduce our toil, saves our time. We depend on electronics appliance for some regular house work. Example- Rice Cooker. In o... English Bangla
  • Walton Split AC WSN-12K-0102-RXXXA price and reviews
    When temperature is 35° to 40° C, then AC is desirable to all. Its quiet expensive but now you can buy it by installment. But, before pursues need to know about service and quality about brand. Also you need to get idea about which one is suitable for your spa... English Bangla
  • Gree refrigerator GDRF-450 price and reviews
    Gree is one of the up growing and promising home appliance brand in our country. Gree AC and refrigerator are very useful two products now in Bangladesh. These two products are achieving the customer faith by budget and service. In this summer Gree presenting an elegant, spac... English Bangla
  • Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXX price and reviews
    Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXXDuring summer refrigerator is an essential need. In swelter summer not only storage food for long time but also cold water, soft drinks, ice cubes are also become essential for alleviation. In newly established fam... English Bangla