World Class Walton Air conditioner
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World Class Walton Air conditioner

Walton is working on manufacturing world class appliance like development countries. Walton is manufacturing user friendly futuristic featuring electronics and daily appliance. They are not only fulfilling the local demand but also importing large number of countries.
In recent year, Walton has introduced ultra modern intelligent inverter technology at air conditioner. This technology will reduce the electricity consumption Up to 50 percent. Now Walton is going to introduce new ionizer technology to keep the room air dust and bacteria free. It will be ensuring healthy cool fresh air. Due to introducing both ionizer and inverter technologies Walton has set their target 57 percent plus than previous year.
Information is that, Walton has launched world class ionizer technology base air conditioner in recent month. In first step, 24000 BTU capacity base air conditioner has launched in the market with price of TK 56900. Same series air conditioner of 18000 BTU is going to lunch soon. This month customer could easily get 24000 BTU air condition at nearest Walton showrooms.
Head of Air conditioner sourcing, Walton Md. Ishak Roni said “ this is a high technology base device that has power to generate negative ion to keep the room air fresh and bacteria free and provide nice refreshing healthy air all over the room”. This technology is named “ Lang Doctor” by the head.
According to the Walton management “Because of having latest technology, proper BTU, international standard of making, gold fin and affordable price Walton air conditioner is at the top of the selection list of the customer. Moreover, we are also providing 6 months replacement guaranty and 36 months install facilities with after sales service from any point of Walton service center.
Once a time, air condition market was totally depending on importing from other countries. Therefore, it was tough to get proper BTU base air conditioner. Most of them were low quality and high price. Now for last number of years Walton has been manufacturing high quality air conditioner. As a result customers are getting quality base air conditioner within affordable price. Walton has been manufacturing world class air conditioner at own factory at Chandra Gazipur. Alongside fulfilling the internal demand of air conditioner Walton has exporting air conditioner large number of countries. Due to installation of modern machineries production capacity has increased remarkably and cost has reduced majorly. Therefore price of air conditioner has reduced.  
Air conditioner marketing department head of Walton Abdul Bari said, we are preparing to grape the major part of the air conditioner markets. Our GDP target is 57 percents. We have recently lunched weather friendly several models of air conditioner with 18000 BTU of Intelligent inverter technologies. Price of this model is TK 65000. Recently 24000 BTU refrigerators are going to lunch.
Within TK 35000 You would easily get 10500 BTU refrigerators as well as 17200 BTU refrigerators within TK 43900 and 21000 BTU refrigerators within TK 54600. Walton has introduced anti corrosive hydrophilic golden color fin technology first time in Bangladesh. This feature will increase the durability of the air conditioner.
About this topic head of RND Walton Eng. Taposh Kumer Mojumder said “Golden fin is work as protector of heat exchanger reduction plate with hydrophilic cover that protect air conditioner condenser from dust and humidity and make the condenser durable and long lasting. That keeps the air conditioner clean for longer time.”   He also said about intelligent inverter technology “due to have sensor at inverter technology condenser flow the cool air according to the room temperature. Besides condenser remain in the shut down mood that reduce the power consumption rate. So at the end of the month your electricity bill will be remaining within the limit.  
Most importantly, Walton has one of the larger RND research and development center. Alongside other product Walton has been working on air conditioner continuously. National and international engineers are researching on air conditioner. The entire product models are  passing through best quality check.
Walton is very much conscious about providing best quality air conditioner with futuristic features. They are also working on providing affordable price of the product. Because of Walton, now all class of people can afford to buy air conditioner within their budget.
Walton has several showrooms as well as dealers all over the country. Therefore anyone would easily have this model at their nearest appliances showrooms.
Use own product and contribute to our national economy.

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