Walton’s target is 1.5 Millions
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Walton’s target is 1.5 Millions

Walton, top domestic brand of the Bangladeshi home and kitchen appliances market, has set record target of selling 1.5 Million’s refrigerator during this season. Top management of Walton is very much committed to achieve this challenging goal. They have set up their planning to increase 50 percent GDP and according to the last six’s month data, they have already sold more than .5 million refrigerators.

In order to achieve this mega target, production has increased and manufacturing near about 7 thousand refrigerator daily. New technology, intelligent inverter, has been added in the compressor. Along with affordable price and futuristic feature Walton has been manufacturing world class refrigerator in Bangladesh. Above all demand of Walton refrigerator has been increasing day by day.

According to the Walton reference, last year selling target was near about 1 million and most importantly target was fulfilled, which was 21.38 percent higher compare to 2014 years. In this Ramzan Walton has sold 2 laces refrigerator and expecting to increase 2 times during Eid-ul-Azha.

Is it possible? Question arises. In this matter, Walton’s operative director, Udia Hakim, has said “recently we have added some modern technologies among them energy saving intelligent inverter is one of them. As a result demand has increased in domestic as well as overseas market. Moreover, we are going to start manufacturing mini size refrigerator model for bachelor, small family and business place such as hotel and restaurant”. Over all he is very much confidence about on the whole situation of the political condition and developing market.

Since, the starting of the year demand of refrigerator is high. Every month they have been introducing new technology base attractive model of refrigerator in the market. In addition make the appliance more available to the customers, Walton is opening several showrooms known as Walton plaza all over the country. Keeping the increasing demand in mind, they have separated exporting unite and domestic market production unite.

Recently, Walton has introduced high class inverter technology base attractive model of non frost refrigerator with storage capacity of 323L, 348L, 386L, 396L, 430L, 512L, 526L and 585L. Among them three doors 526L non frost refrigerator has made remarkable appearance. This, European and American stranded technology base refrigerator, is power saving and can save up to 30 to 40 percent electricity cost.

In addition, 125 L and 110L single door is a new wonder of Walton refrigerators. This is not available now but it would be perfect one for the small size family, office claim “Walton management”.

Walton has been using latest technology base machineries and producing 77 types non frost refrigerator model under the supervision of efficient manpower. Affordable price, international standard with multiple color with 6 month replacement guaranty have grape the attraction of the customer.

Assistant director of marketing Walton group Emdadul Haque said “we want to make new record in terms of refrigerator selling in this year”. According to the selling ration of first half of the year, target may cross. This is the right season of refrigerators he added too.

Few years back home and kitchen appliance was considered as the luxurious appliance and thought only rich family can have home and kitchen appliance. But Walton has made revolutionary change in the field of home and kitchen appliance. They have made possible for the all classes people to enjoy the blessing of the modern technology within their budget. They have various types of home and kitchen appliance.

Along with fulfilling demand of domestic market they have been exporting their product all ore the world. Walton is not only fulfilling the demand of the appliance market but also contributing to the economy of the Bangladesh by exploring their product and providing employment opportunity.

Walton has countrywide Retail Sales Outlets and more than 40 Service Points. So you can easily get the wonderful product of Walton as well as after sales service from their service point.

Walton not only thinks about their business but also thinks about the development of the society. In the sector of sports they have huge contribution. Because of their sincerity on society they have been awarded several times.

Walton has International Standardization Certification ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System and ISO 14001: 2004 for Environmental Management System.

Finally I can say that, Walton has all the latest technology base home and kitchen appliances that you would like to have in your home and kitchen.

Be safe and use the brand of Bangladesh.


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