Walton world cup offer “Buy AC got car free!!”
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Walton world cup offer “Buy AC got car free!!”

Buy AC got car free!! 1 year electricity bill free. This unbelievable offer brought to you by Walton. This special offer launch for world cup. To get this offer you have to buy a Walton AC and registered by SMS. Not just this. To buy AC you will receive installment facility if you want. So that, to buy AC your eagerness is enough. And if your lick fever you than win car, electricity bill or 1 lakh Taka cash voucher etc. more many options. Offer in details given below. 
Let’s have a look some of the conditions of this offer at a glance.
  1. This offer eligible only for Walton AC punches.
  2. After purchasing, you have to register your number through sms.
  3. Total lottery procedure will be manage by computerize system.
  4. Authority has the power to change the campaign anytime.
  5. Electric bill will be calculated as standard Watt/BTU.
Let’s have a look, what they are offering?
  • 25% discount for old exchange: You can buy a new AC by exchange your old AC in25%discount. Your old model will be valued according to your AC present condition. Exchange value will be deducted from the new one and rest of the payment will be made according to payment procedure.
  • 4,900 Taka down payment- To buy a new WaltonAC you have to pay only 4,900 taka as a down payment.
  • 0% EMI for 12 months- They have been providing special offer in new air conditioner too. EMI system will allow you to make payment comfortably. You don’t need to pay any interest on your due payment. This is a 0% interest EMI system with equal Tk-2,992 per month payment.
  • 36 months easy installment- After 12 month you will get 36 month easy installment facility to pay your rest value.
  • Cash voucher up to 1 lakh taka- In this offer you will get cash voucher of several amount. This amount may be 1, 00,000 Taka height!
  • 1 year electricity bill free-You may get1 yearelectric bill free.Free bill amount will be a standard rate of BTU.
  • Free installation service- From shop to install your new AC at your room, full free service providing by company.
  • 6 month replacement guaranty- If there any problem occurs in your new AC within 6 month, then company will replace it without any charge.
  • 10 years guaranty- Company providing you 10 years Twinfold inverter compressor guaranty.
Characteristics of Walton AC-
  1. Each and every model is NUSDAT-UTS tested.
  2. Have IONIZER technology to be free your room from bacteria and audor.
  3. IoT included AC. So that, you can control your AC by your smart phone.
  4. Twinfold inverter technology this AC is 60% less power consuming.
  5. Golden fin-micro channel ensure the flow of air each and every cavity of room.
So get hurry and bring new modern air conditioner at your room and enjoy your summer.
In town or city anywhere Walton show-room is now in your area. They supply there product all over the country. In your city which show-room are included in offer you can buy your appliance from those show-room. For online shopping log-in: eplaza.walton.com. Help line-16267 or log-in: waltonbd.com.

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