Walton Refrigerator and freezer
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Walton Refrigerator and freezer

A brand that has made revolutionary changed in electronics sector in our country is Walton. Low income country like Bangladesh appliances were considered rich families product because of the high price of the appliance but Walton has changed this concept. Walton is not only a big brand of Bangladesh but also all over south Asia. Though they have started their journey as a trading company but now they are very much popular for electronics product. They are manufacturing their product within our country as a result we are getting their product at a reasonable price that we can afford. They have almost all types of home and kitchen appliances but among them refrigerator and freezer are the beast. Walton is using latest technology in their manufacturing product. Because of Walton now we can enjoy the blessing of modern technology within our budget. As a Muslim country Eid is one of the biggest festivals in our country. In this time we like to have some special appliances in our home and at the same time several home and kitchen appliances companies offers special discount on their product or launched new model of their existing product as a result demand of the appliances are increased. Walton is also like other brand and they are manufacturing latest technology base refrigerator and freezer for upcoming Eid. Let’s have a look on the new technologies of refrigerator and freezer of Walton. Nano technology It is one of the latest and common technologies that are using nowadays at refrigerator and freezer. Advantages of this technology are given below. 1. Because of Nano technology you can easily store food for long time. 2. It works as an antivirus and protect food from harmful bacteria. 3. Negative ion keeps inside fresh. 4. Most importantly it keeps the food fresh and bacteria free for long time without damaging the vitamin of the food. Non-frost Unlike ordinary freezer it does not make the food frost. So you can easily take out your food from the cavity. Eco friendly Now we are very much concern about our environment so we do not like to use a type of appliance that has bad impact on our environment. As we know ordinary freezer or refrigerator used CFC or HCFC toxic gas in their mechanism which is harmful for our environment but Walton does not use CFC or HCFC gas in their product. So you could have an Eco friendly appliance in your home. Be sure about 100% copper condenser. In addition Walton appliances are very much known for electricity saving appliances. So you can remain tension free in trams electric bill. Installment system Most attractive advantage of Walton is their payment system. Because of their installment payment system all classes’ people can get their required appliances. You can purchase Walton appliance on payment or you can paid your payment by several installment. Walton is providing 3 years for payment. According to their policy you can easily pay your due to the Walton. Walton has more than 100 showrooms all over the Bangladesh. So you can easily get your required appliance from nearest Walton plaza. Let’s Use our own brand and contribute to the economy of Bangladesh.

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