Types of Microwave Oven
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Types of Microwave Oven

Microwave OvenIn the year 1946 Dr. Percy Spencer, a self-taught engineer with the Raytheon Corporation, is the inventor of a magical kitchen appliance known as microwave oven. Actually he was He was testing a new vacuum tube called a magnetron. Suddenly he discovered that the candy bar in his pocket had melted that made him more curious and next time he put some popcorn in front of the tube and watch he watched with an inventive sparkle in his eye as the popcorn sputtered, cracked and popped all over his lab. Next morning he keeps an egg near the tube and waiting for the result suddenly the egg exploded and splattered hot yoke all over the place. Then he thought if an egg can be cooked that quickly, why not other foods? Day bay they worked hard and invent this precious kitchen appliance. What is Microwave Oven? A Microwave Oven is basically a steel box that has an opening in the front fitted with a door. The door has a side with hinges and the latch is on the other side. The latch assembly inside the unit has a micro switch that provides protection. If the door is unlatched with the unit on, it will shut off before the door can be opened. The microwave Oven cannot be turned on with the door open. There are mainly three categories of microwave oven are available in the market. Details about the types of microwave oven are given below. Solo Microwave Ovens From the name you can get an idea about this appliance. Compare to other types of microwave it has only a magnetron inside to produce micro waves. It can do the heating and boiling, but it cannot perform the roasting and baking operations. The solo models are the basic models in the type of microwave ovens. Grill Microwave Ovens Most popular model of microwave ovens is grill system microwave ovens. In this model along with general function it has heating coils. Both the function cannot run at a time, if you on grill modes then general mode remain in switch off mood it also happened same in terms of general function mood. In the grill function, the heated coils induce a grilling or roasting process. For example, toast making. Though we have mention that we cannot run both functions at a time but in terms of cooking chicken legs, fish or other non-vegetarian foods you can use both these functions simultaneously. Convection Microwave Ovens In the case of convection models, the micro wave oven has the micro wave function, the coils for grilling and heaters with a blower to bake the food, these heaters are connected to a thermostat to control the cavity temperature, the range of the thermostat is 95° c to 230° c. this is a very versatile function, go ahead and make your cake, biscuits or even your tandoori dishes, you have the advantage of using all these functions independently or in combination to suit your cooking needs.

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