Difference between IPS and Generator
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Difference between IPS and Generator

IPSElectricity is a blessing of Science we can not think any moment without it. Electricity has been producing in huge amount in developed country as a result they are not bothered about load shedding. But in developing country like Bangladesh where electricity has big roll in every sector need break free power supply. To get proper power supply we can use IPS (instant power supply) or Generator. Both IPS (instant power supply) and generator are known as electricity producing machine. Though both machine purposes are same but there are some differences between them. Difference between IPS and generator are given below. 1. Definition IPS stands for “Instant Power Supply”. It is an electrical device that can provide electricity when the main supply is not available. IPS is the ideal solution for continuous power supply facilities during mains failure. A general IPS consists of a charger circuit, a battery, an oscillator circuit and an output circuit. The charger circuit charges the battery properly by using the main supply when it is ON. When the main supply is not available then the battery supplies the power. On the other side, Generator defines as a machine that converts one form of energy into another, especially mechanical energy into electrical energy. 2. Effect on environment IPS does not make any noise like other power producing machine. So you can say that IPS is not responsible for sound pollution but it also has some serious bad impact on our environment. Main mechanism of IPS is battery and battery is made by Lead (pb). And we all know how dangerous is lead for our environment? In the case of Generator, it makes huge noise which is harmful for our brain at the same time it creates so much smoke that made by burning fuel. Generator is more dangerous for our environment. From above discussion it is clear that both IPS and Generator are not good for our environment. 3. Storage capacity Main features of IPS are power storage capability. It collects power through normal electricity supply and stores it in battery. In the time of lack of electricity supply it provides power to run electronics products. On the other side, Generator can not store energy. It is only produce energy when you start this machine. It also has problem of matching with voltage. Some time it generates more voltage than required which has bad impact on the electronics appliance. 4. Automatically run One of the biggest advantage of IPS is it start working automatically. IPS is charged up by electricity and it stores the power. When normal power supply is want out than IPS supplies its storage power to run our electronics equipment. We can use its power according to our requirement. It runs so smoothly that you can not interrupted in you work. In the case of Generator, generally it works manually. We have seen that people start it when electricity supply has been stopped. But nowadays there are few generator been introduced that can run automatically like IPS. Mini size generator start through pulling the roof and big size generator can run by clicking start button. 5. Power producing ability IPS is using in many organization as a back up power support because of his easy operating features. Generally in the institute like school, college or Hospital IPS is a perfect choice. It does not make any sound so students or patient remain safely. But when we are thinking to support our business then Generator is the best choice to select. Though it creates noise and smoke but at the same time it can produce huge energy to run big machine. 6. Maintenance cost IPS is run with the help of electricity. Our normal electricity line have 220V but IPS does not use it properly it can store only 70% of it through his own mechanism and it convert only 40% into AC. So it is clear that it wasting large amount of electricity. Another disadvantage is change of battery. IPS totally depends on battery so it can not last long. To get better service from IPS we have to change IPS battery within one year. So that it run with electricity that's why you have to pay extra electricity bill. On the other hand, generator runs with fuel. According to the size and power generation capacity of the generator fuel consumption rate varies. Big size generator that is used in business needs huge fuel to run. So to maintain a generator you have to pay plenty for fuel. 7. Durability One of the disadvantages of IPS is low durability. IPS only run by electricity, voltage ups and down is a common matter of power supply, it has bad impact on battery. As a result IPS can be damage by short circuit. In the case of Generator, it is more durable then IPS or other power producing machine. It is totally free from impact of electricity. It has strong body and other materials that made generator more powerful. 8. Electricity use IPS can not be imagining without electricity because main power of IPS is come from electricity. So it uses electricity and also waste lot. But in the case of Generator, it is totally opposite because generator does not require electricity. So we can say that generator is a power saving machine. Some important instruction regarding IPS or Generator selection In the time of IPS selection should remember following points. After sales service: It is a very important matter regarding IPS. After all it is a machine, So it is obvious that it will have some problem that’s why you should keep in mind regarding after sales service. Generally this type of service is varying with the brand. Battery quality: you have to be very much concern about battery quality because performance of IPS is mainly depends on Battery. Requirement: selection of IPS is also depending on your requirement. If you can made proper estimate of your requirement then you get better service from your IPS. Following matters are important in terms of Generator selection. Sound: we all know generator make huge noise but there are some generator available that makes lower sound. Most important factor is your budget. So select IPS or Generator that you can afford.

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