Buying guide of water purifier
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Buying guide of water purifier

Water is known as life but it can be dangerous for our life too. There are some heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic etc. which needs to be removed from water because human body cannot get rid of these heavy metals and they keep on accumulating in the body causing health problems. Water from many sources contains germs, bacteria, viruses which cause water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery etc. Therefore it is mandatory to make sure about the purification of water before drinks.

Nowadays, we have seen several types of water purifier are available in the market with different features. Selecting best water purifier for the family can be a difficult decision and it becomes more complex when we don’t have sufficient knowledge. Today we will let you know about the basic idea of buying a water purifier.

Basically, you need to follow following steps of selection.

First of all you need know what kinds of water are coming at your home. This is the first deciding factor for best water purifier and source of water should be observed carefully because this will decide whether your water needs removal of dissolved salts that are not required by the body or your water contains germs and viruses which will affect your health. According to the water condition, purifier needs to be chosen. Below table is showing, what are different kinds of water supply present in Bangladesh with some suggestion are for water purifiers.

Water Supply

Germs Level

TDS Level

Purifier Type


Underground water, tube well


Low bacteria and viruses in water

High TDS (Hard Water)



Surface water from rivers, lakes or rain harvesting supplied by the municipality


Low bacteria, viruses,  germs in water


Soft water




2. Measuring TDS level or Hardness of water?

Hardness of the water is mainly depends on the TDS or (Total Dissolved Salts). Water contains lots of dissolved impurities and salts which are harmful to body these should be removed from the water before drinking. Hard water carries heavy metals like arsenic, mercury and lead which should be removed. In general, it is difficult to measure the TDS level of the water. Therefore we may use TDS meter for measuring hardness of the water. This machine is available in the market within affordable price.

TDS level of hardness is given below in a table.

TDS Level

       Water Hardness


       Very Soft (Ideal for drinking)


       Soft (might be used for drinking)


       Hard (use RO Purifier)

Above 400

       Very Hard (use RO + UV Purifier)



According to hardness level you could select your home water purifier. RO purifiers can easily convert hard water into soft water and make it fit for drinking.

3. What are different kinds of purifying technologies present in the market?

There are three types of water purifying technology available in the market. Technologies are given below.

  1. RO (Reverse Osmosis): Among the three method of purifying RO is widely used technology to purify water containing a high level of salts in water and make it unfit for drinking. In this method water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure to remove dissolved impurities. RO purification is mainly used for Salty, Khara or Hard water. This technique requires electricity to purify water and produce lots of waste water.

  2. UV (Ultra-violet): This method is very much known for removing germs, bacteria and viruses from water. This technique uses a Rod producing ultra-violet radiations which are made to pass through water so these radiations can kill germs and viruses present in water. This method also requires electricity but do not generate waste water.

  3. UF (Ultra-filtration): This method uses threads of fibers to remove hardness from the water up to a certain limit. In this method water is passed through microfibers threads which remove salts from water. This method is adopted by plants and trees using its roots as fibers to filter ground water.


4.      Which Purification technology is best for your home?

Based on different types of water purifying technologies several water purifiers are available of different brands in the market.

  1. RO water purifiers:  This is the mostly used by people and companies to ensure water does not contain high salts harmful for the body they use a different kind of membranes to purify water. If you are in area such as near sea side where water usually remains salty RO is the best choice for you.

  2. UV water Purifiers: This method generally used to make water free from germs, bacteria and viruses preventing water-borne diseases like cholera and dysentery.

  3. Gravity based water purifiers: This is mostly used in the areas facing electricity problem as well as its installation cost is also low compare to others. Therefore, most of the families opt to have this water purifying method. These purifiers are totally based on Pressure difference, water from higher chamber moves to lower chamber fitted with germ kit and filters in-between these chambers to purify water. These purifiers can only be used for soft water containing a low level ofdissolved salts since they do not use electricity purification level is not very good

  1. Selection of brands

Brand does play vital role in terms of selecting any appliances. In the case of water purifier selection after sales service in curtail. Purifiers need service in every 2-3 month of duration. In our country Kent, Eva Pure, Livpure Water Purifier, Panasonic Water purifier etc brands are available.


In the age of industrialization, water has been polluted enormously which is alarming news for our generation as well as next generation. In this curtail situation need to drink safe and jam free water to stay healthy and strong.

Be safe and drink fresh and jam free water.

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