Boishaki mega offer of Best Electronics
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Boishaki mega offer of Best Electronics

One of the popular and trusted electronics and appliances shop in Bangladesh is Best Electronics. They are very much committed to deliver the best to the customer. Along with smart and strong sales team technical team is also skilled enough to solve the problem rapidly.
Best electronics has several showrooms all over the country. Every showroom has been decorated with renowned electronics and appliances brands. So you would easily get your preferable brand in one place.
In this summer, Best electronics has declared mega Boishaki discount offer on appliances and electronics product. This offer will continue for seven days (10 April to 16 April). During this offer you would get up to 60 percent discount on more than 80 electronics product. Besides, lucrative discount is also available on daily appliances of renowned brands such as Hitachi, Panasonic, sharp, whirlpool, Conion, Philips, Midea and Toshiba.
Discount on TV, international Japanese electronics brand Sharp, now you would easily get 32 inches LED flat TV at TK 19900. You will get new experiences of watching Television.
In summer, most demandable appliance is refrigerator and freezer. Domestic and international brands are providing futuristic features with gorgeous outlook that will not only keeping your food fresh for loner time but also increase the beauty of your place.
Discount up to TK 26,900
Toshiba refrigerator, one of the best in business in terms of daily appliances, is very much known for outstanding outlook and modern features. There are several models are available in Best electronics, you could select your one according your requirement at mega discount price.
32 % markdown on Conion
To keep the heavy food safe for longer time deep freezer is number one. Unlike regular refrigerator this model has ability to generate maximum cool. Conion, one of the domestic rising brands, has been offering 32% discount on deep freezer.
Up to TK 10000 discount on Air conditioner
Due to hot and humid weather demand of AC is increasing day by day. You would get up to TK 10000 discounts on whirlpool air conditioner at Best Electronics.
60 % discounts on more than 80 electronics product
We are use to using electronic appliances in our daily life. Best electronics has been offering up to 60 % money back offer on more than 80 electronics product.
This is the mega offer of the year. Don’t miss the chance to get your one. You would easily get this offer at any showrooms of Best electronics all over the Bangladesh.

Latest products

  • Walton Freezer WCG-3J0-DDGE-XX
    Walton Freezer WCG-3J0-DDGE-XX
    Tk 31,990.00
    Model WCG-3J0-DDGE-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Freezer WCG-2E5-RXLX-XX
    Walton Freezer WCG-2E5-RXLX-XX
    Tk 27,550.00
    Model WCG-2E5-RXLX-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Freezer WCF-2E5-EHLX-XX
    Walton Freezer WCF-2E5-EHLX-XX
    Tk 27,950.00
    Model WCF-2E5-EHLX-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Freezer WCG-2E5-EHLC-XX
    Walton Freezer WCG-2E5-EHLC-XX
    Tk 28,900.00
    Model WCG-2E5-EHLC-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Freezer WCF-1D5-GDEL-XX
    Walton Freezer WCF-1D5-GDEL-XX
    Tk 21,950.00
    Model WCF-1D5-GDEL-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Freezer WCF-1D5-GDEL-LX
    Walton Freezer WCF-1D5-GDEL-LX
    Tk 22,550.00
    Model WCF-1D5-GDEL-LX
    View Details
  • Walton Blender WBL-13M230
    Walton Blender WBL-13M230
    Tk 3,000.00
    Model WBL-13M230
    View Details
  • Walton Blender WBL-VK01
    Walton Blender WBL-VK01
    Tk 3,850.00
    Model WBL-VK01
    View Details
  • Walton Blender WBL-10GX65
    Walton Blender WBL-10GX65
    Tk 3,500.00
    Model WBL-10GX65
    View Details
  • Walton Blender WBL-13EX25
    Walton Blender WBL-13EX25
    Tk 1,650.00
    Model WBL-13EX25
    View Details
  • Walton Blender WBL-JYL22
    Walton Blender WBL-JYL22
    Tk 3,280.00
    Model WBL-JYL22
    View Details
  • Walton Blender WBL-15GC40
    Walton Blender WBL-15GC40
    Tk 2,450.00
    Model WBL-15GC40
    View Details
  • Walton Blender WBL-15G35
    Walton Blender WBL-15G35
    Tk 2,150.00
    Model WBL-15G35
    View Details
  • Walton Blender WBL-6TCG30
    Walton Blender WBL-6TCG30
    Tk 3,100.00
    Model WBL-6TCG30
    View Details
  • Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX
    Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX
    Tk 41,500.00
    Model WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNH-3H6-HDDD-XX
    Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNH-3H6-HDDD-XX
    Tk 39,990.00
    Model WNH-3H6-HDDD-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNH-3H6-HDXX-XX
    Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNH-3H6-HDXX-XX
    Tk 38,990.00
    Model WNH-3H6-HDXX-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNC-3B3-GDXX-XX
    Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNC-3B3-GDXX-XX
    Tk 36,900.00
    Model WNC-3B3-GDXX-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNM-1N5-GDEL-XX
    Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNM-1N5-GDEL-XX
    Tk 26,900.00
    Model WNM-1N5-GDEL-XX
    View Details
  • Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNM-1N5-RXXX-RP
    Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNM-1N5-RXXX-RP
    Tk 25,900.00
    Model WNM-1N5-RXXX-RP
    View Details
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