Advantages and Disadvantages of Generators
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Generators

Generator Electricity that has brings a revolutionary change in world. Now it is consider the backbone of the world development. We can not think our daily life without electricity. Whenever we talk about electricity a name always come in our mind, Thomas Alva Edison is the inventor of electricity, his precious invention has made our life more convenient as the same more relax and enjoyable. According to the method of great Thomas Alva Edison electricity has been producing all over the world. But all countries does not have same capability of electricity producing. As a result they have to face load shedding problem. Load shedding means when there is a lack of electricity supply compare to demand of electricity. To solve this major problem our scientist has made another precious invention known as Generator. What is generator? A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy for use in an external circuit. In other words, Generator defines as a machine that converts one form of energy into another, especially mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generator is working as a back up electricity suppler and helping us in many ways in our daily life as well as in business. Advantages Power producing ability One of the biggest advantages of Generator is power producing ability. There are other power producing machine also available but among them generator is consider most powerful energy producing machine. It not only supports in our home but it is best for business world. Generally in our business organization need to run heavy machine that consume huge amount of electricity but in our country as we all know that we have huge deficiency of electricity in that situation generator can play big roll. There are various size and powerful generator are available in the market you can pick your one according to your requirement. Durability It is matter of concern for any machine but when we are thinking about purchasing energy producing machine it add extra care. Compare to other power producing machine generator is more durable. It has strong body materials along with heavy power producing ability. So for long term service you should select generator. Purpose of use you can use generator in you house purpose as well in your business. For home appliance you can use mini size generator and in the case of business big size is appropriate. Big generator can produce huge power that can run heavy machineries. Use of electricity Generator does not required electricity to run unlike IPS or other power producing machine. In term of running generator needs fuel and use of fuel is totally depend on the size and power producing capacity of the Generator. In that scene we can say that generator is a power saving machine. Disadvantages Effect on environment Generator is not an Eco- friendly power producing machine. It has emerge hugh smoke along with create noise both smoke and noise are dangerous for our environment as well as harmful for human body and mind. Generator should keep out side the room or work place because in the time of power generating it emerge harmful carbon smoke. So we can say that generator is not environment friendly machine. Power storage capacity Generator can not retain power and it is the biggest disadvantage of this power producing machine. It is only produce energy when you start this machine. It also has problem of matching with voltage. Some time it generates more voltage than required which has bad impact on the electronics appliance. Automatically run In the case of Generator, generally it works manually. We have seen that people start it when electricity supply had been stopped. But nowadays there are few generator been introduced that can run automatically like IPS. Mini size generator start through pulling the roof and big size generator can run by clicking start button. Maintenance cost Mainly generator runs by fuel. According to the size and power generation capacity of the generator fuel consumption rate varies. Big size generator that is used in business needs huge fuel to run. So to maintain a generator you have to pay plenty for fuel. Flowing things should keep on mind in the time of generator selection. Sound: we all know generator is popular for creating noise and that has bad impact on our mind and very much responsible for sound pollution. Nowadays there are few generator are available that generate low sound or almost sound free. Brand: brand always play a big roll in term of machineries selection. Different brand offer different services to their customer. Especially it is very important in term of after sales service.

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