Walton refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX price and review
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Walton refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX price and review

A refrigerator is not only a home appliance. Now it becomes an important family member. Which absences make you anxious. We are depends on freeze for food storage. Various country brought various model of refrigerators. Walton is popular among our domestic brands.  Due to affordable price and product quality customer feel confident about Walton. Walton refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX is one of the prime models that will give you new experience of refrigerator.
Outlook: Non-frost-refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX is an eye attractive blue color decorated with tempered glass door.  Along with easy gripping system this model has maximum height of 1702 mm or 1.70 meter. You can easy store 5 or 6 members of your daily food with 328 liters of capacity. This is an ordinary model of storage segments with nice dimension that will easily set at your home and give your room an outstanding look.
Refrigerator compartment: This model is decorated with three glass shelf, egg compartment as well as 6 bottle holders at the door. Moreover, at the top of the structure has frozen section to keep your food more safely at hot and humid weather. This section will specially support your food to keep it for longer time.  
Freezer compartment: it has one shelf two bottle pocket as well as two ice try and one ice box.  
Another feature- Each and every shelf of Non-frost-refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX is made by reinforces glass. Anti-bacterial gaskets are used here. It is easy to clean and fungus protective. RSCR compressor, 100% copper condenser and copper capillary are also used here. So that it is more effective within limited electricity and long lasting model. Thermostat of this model is RoHS certified. This type is eco friendly and also eligible in global market to sell. Its refrigerator compartment keeps 0° to 5°C temperature and fizzer compartment frozen foods in -18°C.       
Special features- Some features that’s make Non-frost-refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX more desirable from other models are given here-
  • It has auto stabilizing system. We used stabilizer in refrigerator to protect from occurrence of high voltage flow. For this model no need to connect extra voltage stabilizer. Stabilizing function is built in this model. It can protect 2000 VA or more than voltage.
  • Interior LED lamps existing in both compartments. This is unavailable in others models.
  • 100% green technology used in this model. Also free from CFC and HCFC.
  • Energy saving model it is. This model keeps your foods fresh and healthy with limited energy. No hazards for extra electricity bill.
Price and Market- To buy Non-frost-refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX contact any show-room of Walton electronics. Also buy in online. Price of this model is 41,500.00 Taka.

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